Integrated Electrical Engineering
Educational Experience


The electrical engineering department has a mission for undergraduate students: to prepare them for life after their BSEE.

We want to help our students build a strong foundation to ease the transition from student to employee. One way we do that is through the Integrated Electrical Engineering Educational Experience (I4E).

The I4E is a year-long lab designed to introduce students to subjects like leadership, entrepreneurship, project management, and product design topics. This program has helped our undergrads gain the experience they need to tackle the real world once they graduate.

Over the last couple of years, the labs have been restructured to make each student's senior design experience more successful by integrating practical design aspects and real-world experience through industry sponsorship and cooperation.

In addition to the I4E in the labs, the department started the Summer Design Experience with undergraduates who are on campus and want to know more about the design process.

We want to expand this program to regular semesters where students can build and enhance their design foundation. As the new program expands, it will become more costly in terms of parts, projects, and manpower. To implement this plan, financial resources are needed for expenses such as:

  • Graduate student support and training
  • Mentorship programs
  • Undergraduate student support
  • Travel expenses for guest speakers
  • Travel expenses for students to visit industry sites
  • The purchase of specialized equipment