Soon to be Graduates

The Office of the Registrar is here to support you through the graduation process. In general it is recommended that you apply for graduation for the term prior to the term in which you will actually complete your degree requirements. Your Dean’s office will be happy to assist you with any questions you have about the graduation process. When you apply to graduate you will be required to provide specific information related to your degree.

View the Office of the Registrar graduation website to learn more.

Graduate Students Graduation FAQs

The Graduate School requires a minimum of 18 hours of dissertation for graduation.

A: The MSEE comprehensive oral exam will follow the standardized format listed below. The entire exam will last about 45‐60 minutes. The exam consists of two parts: 

1. Student PowerPoint presentation outlining (approximately ten minutes in duration):

  • Previous education: institution, major, special projects completed
  • Professional work experience (company, location, job title, brief description)
  • List the courses taken as part of the MSEE program including the course number, title, instructor, term and grade.
  • One or two slides describing how the MSEE program and curriculum would apply to your professional work (either at present job position or how the MSEE would in the future).

2. The committee will ask several questions of the student covering the student’s coursework.

A: The department requires an electronic copy of your thesis/dissertation. If you or your major professor want a copy (or copies) of your thesis/dissertation bound, the department will send that off for binding for you. You will need to provide the printed thesis/dissertation and pay for the binding cost for those copies.
A: No, because the grade of the incomplete course will affect the final grade.
A: You need to email the Electrical Engineering department and the Graduate School to let them know. You also need to contact the Registrar's Office and defer your graduation.