Researchers Move Closer to Improved Method of Detecting Breast Cancer 

 El-Shenawee Thz Research 


Research led by Dr. Magda El-Shenawee, electrical engineering professor, is moving closer to developing an alternative method of detecting and possibly treating breast cancer. El-Shenawee, who has been working with pulsed, terahertz imaging  for several years, has adapted the technology to detect tumors and provide highly detailed images of their tissue. 
Standard medical imaging techniques are insufficient in providing clear assessment of breast tissue margins, resulting in a reported second surgery rate of 20- 40%, due to the risk of cancer growing back in the same location or metastasizing. 
Because of its highly specific tumor margin assessment, terahertz imaging has the potential to be a fast, intraoperative, non-invasive treatment for removing breast cancer tumors. 


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