Access eleg-storage drive at home

This tutorial explains how to access your aperturescience drive for off-campus use with Windows 7’s network drive mapping functionality.

  1. Make a VPN connection with the campus.
    Follow UIT’s documentation at https://its.uark.edu/services/network-devices/network-access/vpn.php
  2. Connect network Drive
    Right click on my computer and go to “Map Network Drive” Put in “\\eleg-storage.ddns.uark.edu\username” in the Folder field. (Replace username with your username; ex: eleghelp@uark.edu. eleghelp is my username.)

Check "connect using different credentials". Click finish and fill in your username like this.

Alternative for any platform.

Download Filezilla ftp client here

Enter sftp://aperturescience.uark.edu

Enter you username and password

Access Citrix from home

Citrix is a joint effort between ELEG/INEG to bring remote software in a much faster environment. Each VM will have 2 vCPUs, 8GB of RAM, and 1GB of GPU. Software installed includes Orcad, Matlab, Quartus, Solidworks, Office, AutoCAD and every other program that will be needed for any ELEG courses. These servers are available for use while on or off campus. Information on connecting to citrix is below.

Citrix Login Page

  • At the top you will click Desktops and then you should see only one solution which will be named  “Foust Computer Lab”. Please click on that and it will ask you to open the link with Citrix Connection Manager.

Citrix Home Page

Citrix Open With Example

  • Click ok and if you wish click “Do this automatically from now on”

  • You will be greeted with a new window. It will ask you if you want to connect your local files. Gie it permission if you wish. Doing so allows you to move back files seemlessly.

Citrix File Access

  • On KUMO access you can setup box access, but please do NOT set up onedrive access as it will interfear with the cadence database.

  • All applications are under the ELEG Apps folder. From there you may use this as any other computer.

Citrix Desktop

  • To connect your L:\ please click FixELEGStorageDrives.bat Under ELEG Apps and it will connect. 

  • When you are done please save your work to L:\, box, or to your local computer and log out. VMs are not guarenteed to save data on the VM Desktop or Documents folders.

Connect to aperturescience Linux Server

Connecting from a Windows PC

  1. Connect to the VPN (https://its.uark.edu/network-access/vpn/index.php)
  2. Download and install MobaXterm free edition at https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/download.html
  3. Select Session and then choose a session type of SSH
  4. Insert aperturescience.uark.edu into the Remote host field. You may also put in your username in the specify username. Then hit ok
  5. You will be either prompted for your username and password or just your password if you already specified your username. On the next login you can just click on the user session on the left hand side of the sessions tab

Connecting from a Mac

Using SSH and X forwarding

  1. Connect to the VPN (https://its.uark.edu/network-access/vpn/index.php)
  2. Open the terminal (In newer MacOS XQuartz terminal is needed)
  3. Type in ssh -X username@aperturescience.uark.edu (Replace username with YOUR username)

Connecting from a Linux Box

  1. Connect to the VPN (https://its.uark.edu/network-access/vpn/index.php)
  2. Open the terminal
  3. Type in ssh -X username@aperturescience.uark.edu (Replace username with YOUR username)

This tutorial will show you how to create a direct connect with one of our window servers or your work computer (Graduate students and research undergrads only) using windows 7. If you use a Mac or Linux please see the VPN tutorial (below).

  1. Open remote desktop connection

    Direct connection img
  2. Expand options. Go to advanced tab. Click on settings

    Direct connection img
  3. Fill in as below:

    Direct connection img
  4. Click OK. Go back to general tab, enter your computer name or server name and append “.ddns.uark.edu” as above (e.g. Toby would be toby.ddns.uark.edu), and click save as to create the link.

    Direct connection img
  5. Click connect - if you receive this warning, click connect again

    Direct connection img