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Travel Authorization (TA)

  • You must have a Travel/Spend Authorization in place before you can travel, to ensure that you are covered by University insurance. If you are not employed by the University, please email
  • This form must be completed even if you have a Travel Grant from the Graduate School or is someone else is paying your expenses.
  • A Student Code of Conduct While Traveling form must be completed each academic year.
  • Travel Grant form and travel authorization (after being completed and signed by your professor) need to be turned in to the Electrical Engineering Office. 

Foreign Travel Export Control Form

  • To ensure that the University is in compliance with federal and state guidelines regarding 
    export control, all faculty, staff, and students traveling outside of the U.S. must contact the 
    Export Control Officer (ECO) for an evaluation at the initial processing of the Travel 
    Authorization Request and complete the Foreign Travel Export Control Form.

Travel Card (TCard)

  • You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements after you turn in your travel authorization form to the department and your travel is approved.
  • There is a departmental administrative travel card available for purchasing airline tickets, hotel, conference registration and rental cars (per university contract - to receive, email
  • If you are going to use the department TCard for airfare, you will need to use Self Register on the Concur travel web site (scroll down and use the red highlighted Self-Registration button).
  • The TCard cannot be used for meals or any other expenses not listed above.

If You Are Driving

  • There are additional requirements that apply to driving a private vehicle or a rental for University Business. 
  • Complete and complete the one time online driving course.
  • Complete the Student Vehicle Safety Program form annually. Bring a physical copy to the EE department. Do not email the form.
  • Go to the Risk Management page for policies and forms, and submit to the Department of Electrical Engineering.

While Traveling

  • Keep ALL Receipts
    • Airfare, lodging, taxis, meals, parking, etc. You will only be reimbursed for those items for which you provide itemized receipts.
  • Pay your own expenses
    • If you share a room with someone, you pay your share and get a separate receipt. Do not have one person pay the whole thing, and then be reimbursed.
    • If you eat out, do not have one person pay the entire bill, and then be reimbursed. Get a separate receipt.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted, regardless of the traveler's age.

Travel Claim (TC)

  • When you return from traveling, you should complete a Travel Claim, and turn it that form, along with all receipts, to the ELEG Office. Please make sure you have all receipts, so you do not have to turn in a secondary claim later.
  • After it is completed, you will be asked to review it for accuracy, and then to sign the form.
  • It will then be processed by Departmental staff.
  • You will have the option of being reimbursed via direct deposit or paper check.

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