Electrical Engineering Faculty Help Local Girl Scout Troop Earn STEM Badges

Electrical engineering faculty, Dr. Silke Spiesshoefer and Dr. Morgan Ware, teamed up to help Girl Scout Troop 5327 achieve two very important badges.  Girl Scout Outreach

Dr. Silke Spiesshoefer led the Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts to achieve their "Think Like an Engineer" badge and Dr. Morgan Ware led the Brownie Girl Scouts to achieve their "Home Scientist" badge. Dr. Spiesshoefer introduced her scouts to "Snap Circuits", where they explored concepts of electricity and electrical engineering and then helped them build an LED night light from basic components like an LED strip, wires, and a battery.
Dr. Ware led the younger scouts through activities to explore water freezing and phase changes. The scouts used liquid nitrogen as a "source of cold" to freeze water under various conditions, including changes in salt content. The scouts were able to observe how introducing salt can lower the freezing point, which is why it is such a great method of protecting roads from freezing over. They then used the extensive data recorded to graph their results and determine how much salt would be needed to lower the freezing point by a desired amount.

They finished the day up by eating liquid nitrogen cheese puffs... just to see if they'd turn into dragons!


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