The titles of all Electrical Engineering courses are listed below, both undergraduate and graduate courses. In most cases the title is a link to the syllabus of the course. Most of the courses without syllabi are laboratories associated with courses, or non-lecture courses. The Two-year Tentative Schedule of Electives and Graduate Courses shows when each course will be offered.

ELEG 400VH Honors Senior Thesis

ELEG 400V Senior Thesis

ELEG 4061H Honors Electrical Engineering Design I

ELEG 4061 Electrical Engineering Design I

ELEG 4073H Honors Electrical Engineering Design II

ELEG 4073 Electrical Engineering Design II

ELEG 4203 Semiconductor Devices

ELEG 4213 MEMS and Microensors

ELEG 4223 Design and Fabrication of Solar Cells

ELEG 4233 Introduction to Integrated Circuit Design

ELEG 4243 Analog Integrated Circuits

ELEG 4253 Nanotechnology

ELEG 4283 Mixed Signal Test Engineering I

ELEG 4293 Mixed-Signal Modeling & Simulation

ELEG 4303 Introduction to Nanomaterials and Devices

ELEG 4323 Switch Mode Power Conversion

ELEG 4403 Control Systems

ELEG 4413 Advanced Control Systems

ELEG 4423 Optimal Control

ELEG 4463L Control Systems Laboratory

ELEG 4503 Electric Power Distribution Systems

ELEG 4603 Deterministic DSP System Design

ELEG 4623 Communications Systems

ELEG 4703 Introduction to RF and Microwave Design

ELEG 4773 Electronic Response of Biological Tissues

ELEG 4783 Introduction to Antennas

ELEG 487VH Honors Special Topics in Electrical Engineering

ELEG 487V Special Topics in Electrical Engineering

ELEG 488VH Honors Special Problems

ELEG 488V Special Problems

ELEG 4914 Advanced Digital Design

ELEG 4963 Field Programmable Gate Array Laboratory

ELEG 4983 Introduction to Computer Architecture

ELEG 5173L Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

ELEG 5193L Advanced DSP Processors Laboratory

ELEG 5203 Semiconductor Devices

ELEG 5213 Integrated Circuit Fabrication Technology

ELEG 5243 Microelectronic Fabricaton Techniques and Procedures

ELEG 5243L Microelectronic Fabrication Techniques and Procedures with Lab Component

ELEG 5253L Integrated Circuit Design Laboratory I

ELEG 5263L Integrated Circuit Design Laboratory II

ELEG 5273 Electronic Packaging

ELEG 5283 Mixed Signal Test Engineering II

ELEG 5293L Integrated Circuits Fabrication Laboratory

ELEG 5313 Power Semiconductor Devices

ELEG 5323 Semiconductor Nanostructures I

ELEG 5333 Semiconductor Nanostructures II

ELEG 5403 Systems Theory

ELEG 5423 Optimal Control Systems

ELEG 5413 Modern Control Systems

ELEG 5433 Digital Control Systems

ELEG 5443 Nonlinear Systems Analysis and Control

ELEG 5453 Adaptive Filtering and Control

ELEG 5463 Biomedical Control Systems

ELEG 5473 Control of Electric Power Systems

ELEG 5513 Power Systems Analysis

ELEG 5523 Electric Power Quality

ELEG 5533 Power Electronics and Motor Drives

ELEG 5613 Introduction to Telecommunications

ELEG 5653 Artificial Neural Networks

ELEG 5663 Communication Theory

ELEG 5693 Wireless Communications

ELEG 5703 RF & Microwave Design

ELEG 5723 Advanced Microwave Design

ELEG 5763 Advanced Electromagnetic Scattering & Transmission

ELEG 5773 Elecronic Response of Biological Tissues

ELEG 5783 Introduction to Antennas

ELEG 5801 Graduate Seminar

ELEG 587V Special Topics in Electrical Engineering

ELEG 588V Special Problems

ELEG 5923 Introduction to Integrated Circuit Design

ELEG 5993 Mixed Signal Modeling and Simulation

ELEG 600V Master's Thesis

ELEG 6233 Solid State Electronics II

ELEG 6801 Graduate Seminar

ELEG 700V Doctoral Dissertation