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Why Should I Major in Electrical Engineering?

Electrical Engineering prepares graduates for one of the most versatile career paths. We provide the education necessary to establish the best foundation for electrical engineers at all degree levels, and prepare them to be nationally competitive leaders, skillful at undertaking the current and future challenges facing our world.


What can I do with a degree in Electrical Engineering?

There are multiple career options for an Electrical Engineering graduate. Depending on the concentration area chosen, graduates can be employed in any facet of the Electrical Engineering field. 

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Controls engineer
  • Design computer chips
  • Power Electronics Designer
  • Embedded system engineer
  • Wireless communication engineer
  • Semiconductor engineer
  • Many more Career Options

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What Does an Electrical Engineering Major Study?

Electrical engineering is a diverse field that embraces many specialty areas. Below are example specialities. 

  • Biomedical
  • Communications
  • Computer and Digital Circuit Design
  • Control Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing/Artificial Intelligence
  • Electronic Packaging
  • Micro-Electronics/Photonics
  • Power Systems
  • RF, Microwaves, and Terahertz
  • Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits

           For specific classes look at the UA Course Catalog.


How Can an Electrical Engineering Student be Involved?

The Electrical Engineering Department offers a variety of different undergraduate research opportunities. Performing research allows you to interact with faculty on a new level and learn about areas of EE not found in the classroom. If you are enrolled in the Honors College, you have to write a thesis based on a project or research to be able to graduate with honors. Don’t be afraid to meet with professors to discuss the research opportunities that they offer!

The College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas in partnership with the Electrical Engineering Department has been recruiting companies to take active rolls in the education of our students through internships and corporative programs. It has been so successful that over 90% of upcoming seniors and many of our upcoming juniors have been recruited for summer internships.

These internships have become an invaluable part of our student’s educational experience. Companies like Intel, TI, Google, Flint Hills, LyondellBasell, and many more around the country demonstrate the University’s commitment to this educational experience. To find a internship start here.

Student can also get involved with several student organizations like IEEE. A full list of student organizations can be found here.

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