Costs & Scholarships

Cost of Attendance

The table below provides rough estimates of the cost of the first year's attendance for a new freshman in electrical engineering. These are estimates calculated using figures from the University of Arkansas Estimated Costs web page. Information is also gathered from International Admissions Office cost sheet.

Expense Category In State Out of State
Tuition (for 30 hours) $7,027.80 $20,331.90
Fees and Insurance $4,186.50 $4,186.50
Academic Expenses $1,500.00 $1,500.00
Personal Expenses (Ex: transportation) $2,052.00 $2,052.00
Room & Board $8,830.00 $8,830.00
Total $23,596.30 $36,900.40


A large number of different types of scholarships are available to Electrical Engineering students at the University of Arkansas. Most scholarships are available to students in all departments of the university, but there are also scholarships just for Engineering students and scholarships just for Electrical Engineering students. The following are some of the more widely available university level scholarships:

  • Chancellor's Scholarship - Up to $8,000.00 and renewable for up to four years
  • Silas Hunt Scholarship - Up to $8,000.00 and renewable for up to four years (for students from under-represented communities)
  • University Scholarship - Up to $4,000.00 and renewable for up to four years
  • Honors College Academy Scholarship - Up to $4,000.00 and renewable for up to four years
  • Leadership Scholarship - Up to $2,000.00 and renewable for up to two years

These are just a few of the scholarships available. It is possible to combine more than one scholarship at the same time, but the total income from all scholarships combined will be limited to the cost of attendance. Non-resident tuition awards are available for students from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, & Oklahoma who have GPA's of at least 3.5 and ACT scores of at least 25. A non-resident tuition award waives out of state tuition.

The main University of Arkansas site for scholarship information and application is at University of Arkansas Scholarship Information.

Scholarship Application Process

The first thing to know about the scholarship application process is that it is important to begin early. A high school senior should begin preparing his application at the start of his senior year. The final university deadline for receiving an application is February 1 of the senior year in high school, but it is best to apply by November 15 for early consideration.

It is not necessary to apply separately for each scholarship. There is a single combined application form which allows a student to apply for all of the main scholarships simultaneously. Application information and a link to the on line application form can be found at Guide to Entering Freshman Scholarships.

Scholarships Reserved for Engineering & Electrical Engineering Students

The following scholarships are available only to Engineering students. The Electrical Engineering scholarships are available only to Electrical Engineers, or primarily to Electrical Engineers. These scholarships must be applied for separately from the university level scholarships. There is a single combined application form which allows a student to apply for all of the Engineering & Electrical Engineering scholarships at the same time. Application information and a link to an on line application form can be found at College of Engineering Scholarships & Financial Aid.

Engineering Scholarships
Anna Powell Wood Award Fund Scholarship
Charles Ray and Linda Owen Endowed Scholarship in Engineering
Charles W. and Alice S. Baughn Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Gadberry Family Honors Academy Scholarship
Gadberry Family Undergraduate Endowed Travel Award in Engineering
George D. & Shirley Combs Honors Academy Scholarship
George F. & Marion L. Branigan Senior Engineering Scholarship
George W. Swilley Memorial Scholarship Fund
Guie Morris Honors Academy Scholarships in Engineering
Jack L. King Endowed Scholarship
Kenton and Maude McMahan Memorial Scholarship
Loren R. and Bonnie E. Heiple Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship
Luther W. and Edna L. Estelle Scholarship Trust Fund
Matthew Siebenmorgen HC Academy School of Engineering Scholarship
Michael Joffe Endowed Scholarship Fund
Paul D. Langston Scholarship Fund in Engineering
Porter Stone Scholarship
Ralph Evans Memorial Endowment fund Scholarship
Ray B. Tilley Jr. Scholarship Fund
Ray L. Belknap Class 1919 Scholarship Fund
Ward Eldred Scholarship Fund in Engineering

Electrical Engineering Scholarships

David C. Morrow Scholarship Fund
Kenneth R. Cook and Craig Wesley Cook Engineering Scholarship
Linda and Cliff Eason Scholarship in Telecommunications
Wallace M. Milton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Willis R. Dortch Endowed Scholarship Fund