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Graduate Commitment

The graduate program offers a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (M.S.E.E.),  an ONLINE Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (M.S.E.E.), and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Engineering  with an emphasis in electrical engineering (Ph.D.).

Graduate students may also pursue a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability with an emphasis in electric energy systems. This program provides students the opportunity to gain expertise in sustainability planning and design of electrical systems.

The Electrical Engineering Department commits to providing additional instruction to graduate students as well as the research environment necessary for the graduate to succeed. This program will enable the graduate to:

  1. Accomplish research that will address new and critical issues
  2. Assume leadership roles in research and development teams
  3. Advance quickly to management positions in research and development
  4. Confidently take the leadership role where ever they choose their professional career

Graduate FAQ

The first step is getting accepted by the Graduate and International Admissions Office. All students apply through the Graduate and International Admissions Office, whether domestic or international. To accomplish this, a student should upload online or mail all application materials to the Admissions Office. Do not send application materials to the Department of Electrical Engineering.  The Graduate and International Admissions Office evaluates student credentials for the Graduate School.

The department requires an electronic copy of your thesis/dissertation. Your major professor may want a paper copy that will be bound.  If so, the professor will give guidance as to how he/she wants it. The signature page should not be blank, but should have the signatures of your committee members. While it is preferred that they be original signatures, the sheet can be a photocopy. You do not have to meet the same deadline for submission that is required by the graduate school.

If you want a copy (or copies) of your thesis/dissertation for yourself, the department will send that off for binding for you. You will need to pay for the binding cost for those copies. (As of May 2014, the cost is $9.10 per copy.) We send copies for binding once a month, and they return about one month later. You will need to leave a non-University of Arkansas email address and we will notify you when your copy arrives. If you are within the continental US, and are willing to pay for shipping, we will ship it to you (after receiving the shipping payment). If you are outside the US, you will need to make arrangements for someone else to pick up your copy and ship it to you.

 We receive your application from the Grad School.  A complete application takes a few weeks for us to process.  Delays occur when information is missing from your application.
 No, because the grade of the incomplete course will affect the final grade.
 As of Fall, 2014, the only area of study in which there are adequate online courses is an online Master's Degree in Power Electronics.
 The graduate committee votes on each applicant that comes through our department. Unfortunately, we have more applicants than we can accept. Therefore, the graduate committee must choose which applications to accept and which to reject.
 No, a GRE score is not required if you graduated from the University of Arkansas.
 Yes, you can defer by one semester. In order to do so, you need to send an e-mail to Graduate and International Admissions ( and to the Electrical Engineering Department (
 No. In fact, the Graduate School will not accept any transcript evaluations other than their own. Send all of the required documents, including all transcripts, to the Graduate School.
 If you’ve graduated from a university in the United States, or a university whose primary language is English, we can waive the TOEFL exam requirement.
 If you are an International Student who is a GA, your advisor must email Dr. Pat Koski ( If you are an International Student who is NOT a GA, you must contact the ISS office at 575-5003. If you are NOT an International Student, your advisor must email Dr. Pat Koski (
 You need to email ( and Camille Ferguson ( to let them know. You also need to contact the Registrar's Office and defer your graduation.
 Contact Susan Byram at with the new names, as well as contact information, of the people you want contacted for your Letters of Recommendation.

The Letters of Recommendation for an applicant seeking admission into the PhD program should be professional in nature.  A LOR will directly relate to one’s professional future in the field.  The letter may be written by anyone who can attest to your:

  • skills in the field of study
  • research skills
  • practical applications of the work
  • work ethic
  • capacity for success

This may be a previous professor, an employer, etc.  It should be someone who is in a good position to evaluate your attributes in the above areas and your specific skill set.