Industry Partnerships for Internships and Co-ops

The College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas in partnership with the Electrical Engineering Department has been recruiting companies to take active rolls in the education of our students through internships and corporative programs. It has been so successful that over 90% of upcoming seniors and many of our upcoming juniors have been recruited for summer internships. These internships have become an invaluable part of our student’s educational experience. Companies like Intel, TI, Google, Flint Hills, LyondellBasell, and many more around the country demonstrate the University’s commitment to this educational experience. That includes the classroom and extends well beyond, as Alexis LaMott, Ikenna Egbosimba, and Mitchell Malone discovered.

Alexis LaMott at Flint Hills discovered an important aspect of the class room experience that is not often discussed. “In school, it can be easy to tunnel in and only focus on the very specifics of what you are learning in that one class. The internship this summer really demonstrated the wider implications of what we are learning in classes.

selfiesIkeena Egbosimba discovered something different interning with World Wide Technologies. “At WWT I saw communication skills take precedent over technical skills at times, and that resonated with me profoundly. Employees working on large scale projects would not work independently or sit idly by waiting for instruction from their manager. I saw constant collaboration and a true emphasis placed on teamwork. That's something that I will remember as I go forward in engineering.

Mitchell Malone had a different discovery at LyondellBasell, “I've been able to apply an incredible amount of the knowledge I learned in Energy Systems already to my work. I've had to work with generators, electric motors, UPS systems (redundant), industrial sized transformers (12.5 KV to 480 V), etc. These are all topics that we at least touched on if not discussed thoroughly in that class, and it’s actually exciting and encouraging to see that I am able to apply some of what I learned over the past year, definitely gives more meaning and a greater sense of value to my degree.