Senior Design

On June 29th the Electrical Engineering Department hosted the 2016 Senior Design Poster Competition.  The 2016 senior class presented 15 posters to the faculty and public for review.  The event was attended by many students and staff from around the college as well as representatives from Leggett and Platt, Harrison French & Associates, ABB, Regal Beloit, InvoTek and others.  The students spent two hours talking about their capstone design and their experience with this year’s projects.  There were 18 posters this year with 11 being industry sponsored.  Many of the students worked not only with industry but with the Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science/Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering Departments here on the Fayetteville campus, as well as collaborative projects with our distance program in Fort Smith.  The top posters were The Smart Childs Car Seat, RF Power Harvesting, and the Touch Screen OBD-II reader.  


Project Poster Team Picture Project Description
winners winning_team The winner of the 2016 Electrical Engineering senior design poster competition instrumented a child’s car seat.  When the instrumentation measures environmental factors that were deemed dangerous the electronics in the car seat send an alert to the smart device via bluetooth. The project also won the 2016  Computer Science and Engineering design competition.
poster 2 Poster 2

Students completed the detail protection and control design of a 69kV/12kV distribution substation.

(Sponsor: Black & Veatch)

poster 3 Picture Unavailable

The students designed a Bluetooth device to broadcast real-world telemetry received from a Baja SAE vehicle; and wrote an Android App for the display of broadcasted data.

(Sponsor: Baja SAE)

poster 4 Picture Unavailable

Students developed a system to test and quantify the sound intensity of a finished motor and determine whether or not the intensity was too high.

(Sponsor: Baldor Electric Company)

poster 5 Team 5

Students created a circuit that would allow a microcontroller to collect information from a joystick and then transmit that collected information via Bluetooth. 

poster 6 Team 6

Power Technologies commissioned the construction of a power converter that would allow laser devices to be compatible with a range  of power sources. The project results were inconclusive, but the issues are easily resolved and allow further testing.

(Sponsor: Power Technologies, Inc.)

poster 7 Team 7

Modern vehicles have many computers to control the advanced systems such as brakes, power steering, transmission, etc. The CAN-bus was created as a communication system to allow all of the vehicle’s subsystems to communicate simultaneously.

Poster 8 Team 8

In this project, students were asked to design electronics that assist in monitoring Edema (swelling) in the lower leg.

Poster 9 Team 9

Students designed and implemented a computer mouse
using a 9-axis motion sensor controlled by the users head movements.

(Sponsor: Invotek)

poster 10 Team 10

Students currently involved in a PLC design to detect when the temperature of the heat seal element is out of range and when the heat seal material has been exhausted.

(Sponsor: Pinnacle Foods Inc.)

poster 11 team 11

Sometimes, on Pinnacle Foods’ food packaging line, the heat sealer doesn’t cut cleanly. If it isn't seen it in time, it jams the cartoner and brings the whole line down. This project was to design a sensor connected to a PLC that could determine if there is a tail, slow the line to half speed, and sound an alarm so operators can remove the meal.

(Sponsor: Pinnacle Foods Inc.)

poster 12 Picture Unavailable

This project was to design and test a brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive for the newest generation rover at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith.

poster 13 team 13

Students designed a system for determining when a person enters or leaves a room, how many people are in the room, and where they are.

(Sponsor: Leggett & Platt)

poster 14 team 14

In this project, students worked with Ham Radio club to design a circuit board to position a satellite.  The design takes satellite location information from a PC and positions the satellite dish in order to receive the data from the satellite before verifying the position is correct.

Poster 15 team 15

In this project Electrical Engineering students will worked with Leggett and Platt engineers to research and build a prototype to harvest RF power.

(Sponsor: Leggett & Platt)

Poster 16 team 16

Students built a robot to take to the IEEE Region 5 robotics competition in Kansas City on April 7th and 8th, 2016.

poster 17 team 17

The Mechanical Engineering Department's Solar Boat Teem asked that a group of EE students design a telemetry system that records and communicates the boat's parameters to improve performance and efficiency. The Solar Splash competition will take place in Dayton, OH in June 2016.

poster 18

Picture Unavailable

Students designed a bluetooth data collection and control board for industrial applications.

(Sponsor: Leggett & Platt)

poster 19 Team 19

Students designed a high power LED surgical light to ensure illumination of working area. The light is designed to be self-contained so that when not in use the light folds up forming a shipping/carrying case, while still maximizing intensity and battery life.

poster 20 team 20

This project design was a noncontact temperature monitoring device. When a button is pressed the controller continuously displays the measured temperature. When the button is released the last measurement will be displayed for 10 seconds.

poster 21

Picture Unavailable

This project provides an inexpensive alternative to the RFID technology currently used by JAYMAX Race Timing Services to track participants. This design will be integrated into the into the current RFID system and includes video feed and snapshots.

(Sponsor: JAYMAX Race Timing Services)

Poster 22 Team 22

Students designed a device that measures gas pressure and flow in a small reactor vessel and automates pressure release/venting system with PIC24 microcontroller unit.

(Sponsor: Volumetric Enterprises)